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Kingfisher — based in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China — was founded in 1992 with the simple mission of supplying high-quality flooring products to customers and consumers across the globe. It’s safe to say they have succeeded — due to demand, they built a new 35000 m2 factory and production line in 2012, bringing their annual capacity to eight million square meters of flooring and increasing their workforce to over 200 employees. Their approach to success is built upon a keen desire to keep their finger on the pulse of the flooring industry — innovating in an agile, responsible, and sustainable way. It was this forward-thinking philosophy that initially attracted Kingfisher to the many advantages of Välinge’s Liteback® innovation that produces up to a 20% weight and raw-material saving for resilient floors.

“When I first saw the Liteback technology, I knew immediately that it was a relevant and smart innovation and that it could help Kingfisher reduce its carbon emissions and overall costs,” says Lucas Chu, CEO, Changzhou Kingfisher. “At first, I thought, ‘What’s the catch, does removing up to 20% of the core affect durability or strength?’ But after we did a comprehensive range of tests, I was totally reassured.”

With the decision made to introduce Liteback into the product range, Kingfisher took advantage of Välinge’s bespoke licensee support and its close relationship with the major production line machine manufacturers — in this case, HOMAG China.

“Välinge is very open-minded, and they have an inclusive attitude towards collaboration with its business partners — it's a company that we feel we can successfully grow together with,” says Lucas Chu. “We worked with different teams from Välinge, and they all got deeply involved in our preparation for this project. From sample-making to quality control, and even assisting us when we were commissioning a Liteback machine for our production line from HOMAG — Välinge were there along the whole journey.”

With everything in place, Kingfisher was in a position to offer their distributors a truly ground-breaking advance in the market segment — quality resilient flooring that’s lighter, more efficient, more sustainable, and user-friendly to produce, transport, store, deliver, and install. With the pandemic leading to raw material shortages and significant increases in freight costs, Liteback made more sense than ever.

“Initially, Liteback helped us get closer to those clients who want new things — the early adopters — that target the high-end market,” says Lucas Chu. “We then found that, with the rise in shipping costs, having Liteback as an alternative brought us a lot of business opportunities.”
The beauty of Liteback is that it’s a small change that has a big impact. It promises benefits that reverberate through the whole supply chain from the manufacturer right through to the consumer — and this has ringed true for Kingfisher.

“Our flooring distributors have told us that Liteback products help them save a lot on the cost of shipping, which in turn makes them more competitive, which is especially relevant during uncertain times like the present,” says Lucas Chu. “They’re also impressed by the excellent soundproofing qualities Liteback brings that can be a fantastic selling point to retailers and consumers. It’s something we have learned from working with Välinge — figuring out what buyers and end-users want and creating products that cater to the market demand.”

Visit the Välinge Innovation website to learn more about Liteback® and our innovative range of surface and locking technologies that revolutionise the flooring industry.

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